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Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The world's fastest racquet sport is badminton, where shuttlecock speeds __________ 320 kilometres per hour.
2. One of the two men who were the __________ of the comic book hero Superman came from Toronto.
3. According to new __________ in India, only people with 2 or fewer children will be eligible to become members of parliament in the future.
4. __________ within the police department say that many officers feel that marijuana should be legalized.
5. It is not a good __________ to ride a bicycle after drinking alcohol.
6. The brain can be compared to an immense computer that processes information and then arrives at an appropriate __________.
7. Many insects are quite __________ to farmers in a variety of ways.
8. Before the civil war began in Lebanon in 1975, Beirut was considered by many to be the __________ centre of the Middle East.
9. Gorillas, endangered in most other parts of Africa, are said to be so numerous in the nation of Gabon that they've almost become an __________ nuisance.
10. The Hindu religion was not founded by one __________, but is the result of the coming together of many religious beliefs.