English Vocabulary Exercises - AWL Sublist 1 - 5d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. We often make __________ about people from foreign countries based on a very limited knowledge of their culture.
2. Whether or not learning __________ depends on a variety of factors, including student motivation, effectiveness of presentation of materials, etc.
3. Much __________ exists suggesting that the seafloors are constantly moving and continually being created and destroyed.
4. The survival of our planet depends on a transformation from our current state of __________ 90% of our energy from fossil fuels to developing less environmentally-destructive sources.
5. In order to understand our earth and the __________ which operate upon it, one must attempt to comprehend time spans of millions of years.
6. "Canadian food" is largely __________ because this country is quite young and has not really developed its own unique cuisine.
7. Many psychotherapists today follow the overall approach of Sigmund Freud, though they generally reject his __________.
8. In the study of physics, the stress-strain __________ relation for linear materials is commonly referred to as Hooke's law.
9. A report __________ by the International Labour Organization in 1996 said that Asia has the greatest number of children working, at 45 million.
10. In the Cote d'Ivoire, an increasing number of women are employed in __________ of the economy such as medicine, business and university teaching.