AWL Sublist 2 - Exercise 1d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. He was arrested by police in the act of trying to __________ a false passport.
2. Our brain __________ millions of bits of information every second of every day.
3. A human-looking robot which __________ the elderly with daily chores has recently been developed in Japan.
4. My bank has __________ my account with the amount that was mistakenly charged to us without reason.
5. The dream of peace in the Middle East sometimes seems completely __________ given the current poor state of relations between countries in the region.
6. This magazine is __________ aimed at adolescent girls.
7. Liona spent the summer working at an archaeological __________ in the northern part of the province.
8. The downturn in the economy has forced us to __________ our investment goals.
9. Sociologists consider the family to be the most basic social __________.
10. He is from England, but is currently __________ in Australia.