AWL Sublist 2 - Exercise 3d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Thomas Jefferson once said that honesty is the first __________ of the book of wisdom.
2. Using a __________ metal eliminates the danger of sparks.
3. It seems to me that the __________ here don't always understand the needs and concerns of the average worker in this company.
4. Ludwig Wittgenstein once observed that if we spoke a different language, we would __________ a somewhat different world.
5. Our new product __________ is going to be launched next spring.
6. She paid over $500 for a pair of __________ sunglasses.
7. There is a __________ on the number of pets you can have in this apartment building.
8. We will be __________ the details of the calendar of activities for the students at this afternoon's meeting.
9. We need an __________ list of supplies that will need to be ordered for the new office.
10. We did an informal __________ in the class, and found that most people wanted to have the party this Friday.