AWL Sublist 2 - Exercise 5e

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Americans __________ celebrate Christmas with a turkey dinner.
2. We just moved into this __________ about a month ago, and are really enjoying the area.
3. The university's __________ are posted on the website.
4. The administration is __________ a new plan which they hope will reduce their expenditures.
5. The fundamental __________ of our planet's environment are water and air.
6. According to a recent study, televised violence suggests to young children that aggression is __________ in some situations.
7. Picasso once said, "I do not __________; I find."
8. Automobile airbags inflate in the event of a sudden __________.
9. The __________ of this disease to develop into an epidemic is a frightening possibility.
10. Studies show that seven or eight hours of sleep a night are best in order to build, repair, and __________ the immune system.