AWL Sublist 3 - Exercise 3d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. We are quite pleased with the __________ of the negotiations.
2. She had her first __________ experience just after she graduated from high school.
3. His lack of experience has been a significant __________ on his ability to move up in the company.
4. After the volcano erupted, all the houses in the town below were covered with a __________ of ash.
5. Li-Ping has visibly improved her painting __________ as a result of taking an art course last summer.
6. Religion persists in part because people experience dissatisfaction with modern industrial living and its __________ on rationalism and materialism.
7. Because the birth rate is low in this country, we have to increase our population through __________.
8. There is a Hebrew proverb which states, "Judge a man not by the words of his mother, but from the __________ of his neighbours."
9. She had a severe allergic __________ to the medication the doctor gave her, and almost died.
10. An increase in taxes has resulted in a __________ rise in prices.