AWL Sublist 3 - Exercise 4c

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.

1. Libya has long been a crossroads, _______________ three continents.
2. _______________ for fall programs begins on August first.
3. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products will _______________ your body gets the minerals it needs.
4. He received almost half a million dollars in _______________ after an accident in which the brakes on his new car failed.
5. Potential immigrants to this country are evaluated using a point system which examines _______________ such as age, health, work skills, and education.
6. The discoveries of Albert Einstein began a _______________ revolution that has generated more change in a century than in the previous two thousand years.
7. Studies by Gradman and Hanania have shown that regular out of class reading is the most important direct _______________ to success on the TOEFL test.
8. In November of 1995, Hsu You-shen and Gary Harriman were _______________ in the first gay wedding to be held in Taiwan.
9. I can't believe Sandra _______________ that I was having some kind of affair with my boss just because I often work late with him.
10. The _______________ sands of the desert in some parts of Egypt can make for a difficult and dangerous crossing.