AWL Sublist 3 - Exercise 5d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. In the future, we will have to __________ more on alternate energy sources.
2. The world's first female prime minister __________ came to power in Ceylon in 1960.
3. By studying the handwriting, experts were able to __________ that the author of the ransom note was a left-handed Asian woman.
4. Representatives of a number of countries __________ last month, and formalized agreements on free trade.
5. The housing complex is conveniently __________ near a shopping plaza.
6. We can describe most things in our environment at a variety of levels of abstraction, from very broad and general categories, to very narrow and __________ terms.
7. The holiday message from the school principal __________ all references to religion.
8. Research suggests that there is a strong, subjective __________ to the perception of beauty.
9. My grandfather is very __________ about his illness; he certainly doesn't want to die, but he says he has lived a long life, and isn't afraid to go.
10. My parking pass is only __________ for another week.