AWL Sublist 4 - Exercise 1b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.

1. The sculpture was originally thought to be a work of Michelangelo, but is now _______________ to a student of the master.
2. Electrical burns often look minor on the outside, but electricity can cause serious _______________ damage.
3. The island nation of Malta has no _______________ energy sources.
4. Seventy percent of our Earth's surface is _______________ by oceans.
5. I'll need to _______________ with my supervisor before I can allow that.
6. Wine will spoil if exposed to light; _______________, wine bottles are usually green or yellow.
7. Desmond Morris once remarked that a true bond of friendship is usually only possible between people of roughly equal _______________.
8. More than one billion people on our planet lack _______________ to safe drinking water.
9. A complete cycle of the _______________ of the moon takes 29.53 days.
10. My father was recently _______________ to the position of manager.