AWL Sublist 4 - Exercise 2c

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.

1. In my linguistics class, we did a _______________ analysis of the vowel sounds of Japanese and Spanish.
2. A Chinese proverb tells us that respect for one's parents is the highest duty of _______________ life.
3. Huang and van Naerssen have found that reading outside class is the most significant _______________ of speaking ability in a second language.
4. Galileo _______________ that the world is round.
5. The _______________ of the digital camera has completely changed the nature of popular photography.
6. She wasn't _______________ prepared for the test, and got a terrible mark as a result.
7. A firefighter's job is very _______________ because he never knows when he is going to be needed, and when he is needed, the work is usually very dangerous.
8. The final section in the homework is _______________; I will mark it, but it doesn't count for anything.
9. He follows a fitness _______________ which has him running at least 5 kilometres a day.
10. The _______________ into the robbery led to the arrest of two local teenagers.