AWL Sublist 4 - Exercise 6a

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.

1. The transportation system of Vancouver _______________ gas-powered buses, electric buses, sea buses, and light rapid-transit trains.
2. Can you please turn your music down, I'm trying to _______________ on my homework.
3. The _______________ thing to do if you're feeling sick is to go to bed.
4. There is an interesting _______________ which observes that 75% of the time someone is speaking English in the world, it is with a non-native speaker.
5. The university has received a _______________ of over a million dollars for research into tropical diseases.
6. A thorough knowledge of the Christian religion is an essential _______________ for understanding much of the history of European art.
7. We'd better check the _______________ of the room again before we start cutting this new carpet.
8. The Great Wall of China is the largest construction project ever _______________ by man.
9. A local development _______________ in the area has resulted in the construction of a small school and health clinic.
10. Along with a positive _______________ and a healthy diet, your fitness level plays a major role in how you feel.