AWL Sublist 5 - Exercise 1d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The ability to think __________ is an important skill that you will use in any profession you choose, as well as in daily life.
2. The human heart is surrounded by a __________ of veins and arteries.
3. She got sick and missed most of the __________ year, so there was no way she could pass.
4. Modernization has been associated with a __________ in the status of the elderly.
5. Ana has cancer but she is ready to face this __________ and fight for her life.
6. The economy is recovering now after a long period of __________.
7. The man at the embassy told me he would do everything he could to __________ approval of my application for a visa.
8. Some universities believe that academic and athletic __________ are of equal importance.
9. The __________ suspect in the murder of a local woman has been freed due to a lack of evidence.
10. Our luggage was lost in __________ from Montreal.