AWL Sublist 5 - Exercise 2c

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.

1. The church is _______________ after ancient Greek temples of the Ionic period.
2. I heard that when Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck, there was a _______________ in their marriage contract which said that he would have to pay her 3 million dollars if he ever cheated on her.
3. It is not always possible to find an _______________ in one language for an idea expressed in another.
4. Jean Piaget is famous for identifying and describing the _______________ steps in the development of intelligence in infants.
5. Some people seem to have this _______________ in their heads that there is some shortcut you can take to learn a language quickly, and it simply isn't true.
6. The first _______________ of this software had a lot of bugs that have been eliminated in the newest version.
7. Farming has always been _______________ to the economy of Kuwait, due to its hot, dry desert climate.
8. Dealing with the death of a family pet is often _______________ difficult, especially for children.
9. In 1905, Albert Einstein published five scientific papers that _______________ changed our understanding of space, time, light and matter.
10. After a few simple _______________ to the engine, the car was ready to go.