AWL Sublist 5 - Exercise 5c

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.

1. A white dove is _______________ of peace and goodwill between nations.
2. He worked in a bank for about 35 years, and then became a financial _______________ after he retired.
3. Maurice Strong recently remarked that we cannot trade the _______________ of our future generations for profits now.
4. Different cultures have very different _______________ on death. For some it is the end; for others it is a new beginning.
5. _______________ to a foreign language at an early age can help in the acquisition of that language later on in life.
6. Children are amazingly _______________; they can play for hours without getting tired.
7. The landscape of our planet is greatly _______________ by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.
8. Abraham Maslow observed that what is necessary to change a person is to change his _______________ of himself.
9. Gautama Buddha was an Indian prince who _______________ his wealthy lifestyle to lead a more simple existence.
10. Malta is currently privatizing state-controlled companies and _______________ markets in order to prepare for membership in the European Union.