AWL Sublist 6 - Exercise 5b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. I'm already at the top of my pay scale at work so I don't really have any economic _______________ to work harder.
2. The human brain is _______________ of recording over 86 million bits of information daily.
3. The _______________ parliament in Canada consists of the House of Commons and the Senate.
4. Chimpanzees in the wild have been observed using different objects to make tools, a skill previously thought to be the exclusive _______________ of humans.
5. The language in the text is beyond the _______________ of all but those who are experts in the field.
6. James Watt _______________ the Industrial Revolution in 1769 with the invention of the steam engine.
7. Cancer cells can _______________ throughout the body and produce additional tumours.
8. After Cortez brought chocolate back from Mexico to King Charles V's royal court in 1528, it became a profitable industry for Spain, which planted cocoa trees in its _______________ colonies.
9. A plan has been outlined to _______________ a sizeable portion of the land under development to the construction of low-cost housing.
10. People dream an average of five times a night, and each subsequent dream is longer than the one _______________ it.