AWL Sublist 7 - Exercise 1b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. During the _______________ period of the Mayan civilization, the great city of Tikal thrived in dense lowland jungle of what is now part of Guatemala.
2. The Earth is a _______________ planet which has been forever changing throughout time.
3. People in this generation need to be able to _______________ to change quickly because of the dynamic nature of technological change in modern society.
4. I like to remind my ESL students that the vocabulary we learn is never _______________: there is always another meaning, another part of speech, another thing we can learn from a new word.
5. The genetic material of humans and chimpanzees is 98% _______________.
6. Fatima and Oscar make a lovely _______________.
7. There are over 200 satellites orbiting Earth _______________ for the purpose of private communications services, such as pagers, telephones, and computers.
8. Beach fires are _______________ during the summer months due to the fire hazard.
9. He injured himself while hiking in an _______________ area of the province and died because he couldn't get the proper medical care in time.
10. American bartenders say they hear more complaints about work than any other _______________.