AWL Sublist 7 - Exercise 1d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. She looked simply stunning in a __________ red strapless evening gown.
2. James is just the sort of motivated, __________ person we need on our sales team.
3. Driving at night is __________ for people with certain vision problems.
4. The play was very successful, and was eventually __________ for the screen.
5. The bridesmaids wore __________ pink and green dresses.
6. The U.S. is slowly losing its place as the world's __________ super power.
7. A proper summary of an article does not include one's personal opinion on the __________.
8. The analysis of __________ quantities is known as algebra.
9. She feels very __________ at work because she doesn't speak English very well and can't communicate with her co-workers.
10. The noted scientist has recently attracted a lot of negative attention for his work __________ spirtualism with science.