AWL Sublist 8 - Exercise 1b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. If you don't explain your marking system to the students, it might be interpreted as being _______________ and unfair.
2. The diamonds beside each word in your dictionary _______________ the frequency of usage of that word.
3. If frightened or threatened, a mother rabbit may _______________, ignore, or eat her babies.
4. The Alberta government is offering substantial tax breaks to _______________ businesses into coming to the province.
5. Her creative talents are an excellent _______________ to his good business sense.
6. Eating properly and getting plenty of exercise will help you to _______________ the risk of a heart attack.
7. In many countries, men and women rarely _______________ signs of affection in public.
8. The _______________ image of African music is that of drumming and percussion.
9. The editor sent the book back to the author to be _______________ somewhat.
10. The chocolates are selected carefully to be of _______________ size and shape.