AWL Sublist 8 - Exercise 3b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. Our cultural _______________ against eating insects means we miss out on the opportunity to enjoy good tasting, nutritious foods.
2. Over 30% of the _______________ world's people identify themselves as either Muslims or Hindus.
3. His temperature has been _______________ somewhat all day, but it hasn't gone too high as of yet.
4. The salary increase we received was _______________ by the rise in the cost of living, with the result that overall, our standard of living has actually gone down.
5. In some cities in the developing world, at least 30% of the population live in either illegal settlements with little or no _______________, or in overcrowded areas.
6. Relations between the Israelis and the Palestinians are quite _______________ right now.
7. Garbage which is dumped into streams and rivers often _______________ on beaches, where it alters the environment of the oceans.
8. The actors were given permission to _______________ from the script, provided they stayed in character.
9. Blood is delivered to the brain _______________ the arteries.
10. The demonstration remained peaceful until some _______________ started throwing rocks at the police.