AWL Sublist 9 - Exercise 1d

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Kate Winslet, __________ for the first time with her filmmaker husband Sam Mendes, won an Oscar for her role in Revolutionary Road.
2. There seem to be some __________ differences between the way men and women generally reach decisions.
3. Taiwan was __________ by Sun Yat-Sen.
4. In Costa Rica, education is highly valued as the surest __________ to social and economic success.
5. The office we are using presently is too small to __________ all the personnel we need now that business is doing so well.
6. The author wrote the __________ of his work in England, but only became famous when he moved to the United States.
7. Due to the destructive activities of humans, the population of wild orangutans may have __________ in the past decade by as much as 50%.
8. Your term deposit will __________ next April.
9. While we were performing our experiments in the lab in London, similar tests were being run __________ in both Berlin and Toronto.
10. Tattoos used to be worn mainly by sailors and criminals but nowadays they have become the __________ for fashionable young people.