AWL Sublist 9 - Exercise 2b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. Among some American Indian tribes, it was customary to give newborn males _______________ names; these names were changed later as the boys developed character and showed courage in manhood.
2. In March of 1848, Niagara Falls _______________ flowing for the first time in recorded history, when an ice jam in the Niagara River caused the water to stop moving.
3. Vehicles may be closer than they appear in your car mirrors because the glass used to make these mirrors can _______________ your view.
4. The gas that surrounds a star acts as a blanket that _______________ the star's internal heat.
5. After having a fight with the boss, Kareem asked one of the other managers to _______________ their dispute.
6. Inequities of wealth and power were _______________ features of the traditional Chinese state.
7. Isaac Newton _______________ Kepler's model of planetary motion, but did not perfect it.
8. The management team looked at a number of different _______________ for how the company could expand over the next five years.
9. Men and women live out their lives in social worlds that are separate at some points and _______________ at others.
10. When my students worry that they aren't improving, I use the _______________ of my children's growth: I'm not aware of how much they've grown because I see them every day, but friends who see them infrequently certainly notice the change.