AWL Sublist 9 - Exercise 2e

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Research suggests that listening to music one enjoys __________ the pain of headaches, backaches and such discomforts.
2. Studies have shown that child abuse is not __________ to any particular social or economic class of society.
3. When sugar is __________, it changes from brown to white.
4. Many young women have a __________ view of their body due partially to the influence of the media.
5. Misako always told me that she disliked the hierarchies __________ in Japanese culture and came to New York to get away from that tradition.
6. The __________ of breathing does not always result in death.
7. He lost his memory __________ after hitting his head while skating.
8. Make sure the paving stones don't __________ or people will trip over the edges.
9. During their training, police officers have to look at all kinds of __________ and discuss what course of action to take in a given situation.
10. An __________ can be drawn between the treatment of homosexuals today and the treatment of various racial minorities in the past.