AWL Sublist 9 - Exercise 5b

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. The winning car in the race _______________ speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour.
2. In geological terms, Mars represents an _______________ phase in planetary development which is transitional between a body like our moon and a planet like Earth.
3. Forty percent of the world's population lack access to even the most _______________ of toilet facilities.
4. Based on the _______________ findings of the study, researchers now say that the disease is quite different from what they had originally suspected.
5. Handicapped residents of the housing complex receive a _______________ to help with rent costs.
6. Sales tax in this province will be increased _______________ next month.
7. Hospitality is an important part of the Nigerian code of _______________.
8. Psychologists label behaviour as abnormal if it _______________ accepted standards of society.
9. In 1876, a spokesman for Western Union suggested that the telephone was a _______________ of no value.
10. Since Neptune's discovery in 1846, it has made about three-quarters of one _______________ around the sun.