AWL Sublist 10 - Exercise 1e

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Wind tunnels simulate the conditions a vehicle will __________ when it moves through the air.
2. For all her faults, Vanessa is __________ an excellent saleswoman.
3. She's __________ to blame everyone around her when things go badly.
4. He has a very __________ manner that people appreciate when they're doing business with him.
5. Following the __________ of communism in Europe, the people of Serbia voted to retain their Socialist government.
6. Bill Gates is __________ rich, with more money than many countries!
7. During the tournament, there will be a skills contest in a field which is __________ to the stadium.
8. The people of Iraq are receiving __________ assistance to help them recover from the destruction of the war.
9. The old woman __________ the aid of a stranger when her husband collapsed on the sidewalk.
10. A police officer __________ as a drug dealer to catch a local organized crime figure.