AWL Sublist 10 - Exercise 2c

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
1. In Switzerland, when a male reaches 20 years of age, he is required to _______________ 15 weeks of military training.
2. There is a nice _______________ atmosphere among the teachers in the program here.
3. The territorial _______________ of the country has been brought into doubt by claims made by its neighbour.
4. I told the kids that they would enjoy themselves at the museum, but they seemed _______________.
5. The crew of the ship "The Bounty" lived among the Tahitian people for five months in 1788, and it was with great _______________ that they set sail for Jamaica at the end of their stay on the island.
6. At more than 100 times the diameter of the Earth, and more than 300,000 times its mass, the simple _______________ of the sun is difficult to comprehend.
7. The war has _______________ a heavy toll on the young men of our nation.
8. Albert Einstein once said that reality is merely an illusion, _______________ a very persistent one.
9. The instrument _______________ in the space shuttle has hundreds of buttons, meters, gauges and flashing lights on it.
10. _______________ all the excellent points that have been raised today, I still disagree with the idea on principle.