Class 493G - Vocabulary Practice Exercise - September 15, 2017

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Grandpa's health has __________ a lot in the last few hours, and he isn't expected to live through the night.
2. Falling asleep to the sounds of bombs and gunfire has become the __________ for many children living in war-torn countries.
3. I accidentally __________ myself in the eye with my pencil and it really hurt.
4. Her daughter loves playing sports, __________ her son prefers to sit around and play video games.
5. What a __________! I finished my last test today, and now I'm free.
6. I'm not dating Brigitte; she's __________ a good friend.
7. The child was sent to see the __________ after hitting a smaller boy on the playground.
8. It will cost __________ one hundred dollars.
9. His constant __________ frequently hurts the feelings of others.
10. I'm a little __________ to trust Frank. He has lied to me in the past so I can't be 100% sure he is telling the truth.
11. His new glasses make him look like really __________. I don't know why he bought them.
12. She likes to wear her hair in __________ when she is playing sports so that it doesn't get in her face.
13. The rainstorm really __________ our picnic.
14. The young man who shot 3 students at his school was a __________ with no friends.
15. The new leader of the political party has said that his first task will be to __________ the different groups within the party.
16. The little girl __________ her baby brother's arm so hard that he began to cry.
17. My __________ were really red and sore after I shaved them. I need to buy a new razor.
18. Punishing children for bad behaviour instead of talking to them can __________ feelings of guilt which result in further problems.
19. Police __________ in the political demonstration when it began to get violent.
20. His __________ to get married is due to his young age. He isn't ready to settle down yet.