Class 571G - Boosting Brain Power - Vocabulary Practice Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Make sure you measure your __________ of medicine carefully.
2. Business leaders are calling on the government to cut taxes in order to __________ the economy.
3. When my friend was going to school to learn to be a massage therapist, I was the __________ for her to practise different techniques on.
4. She is being treated for a sleep __________ that is having very negative effects on her overall health.
5. According to Dr. Martin Luther King, nothing can __________ the use of violence.
6. We're going to have to __________ at the office this evening if we want to have this report ready for tomorrow's big meeting.
7. He worked super hard for years but got a great __________ when he sold his company for a million bucks.
8. This product is __________ by leading environmental groups as being safe for our environment.
9. The little boy tried to __________ the kitten out of the bushes by holding out a piece of food.
10. The __________ that animals are deserving of respect and consideration is gaining much wider acceptance in our society.
11. The tsunami was __________ by an earthquake at sea.
12. The argument outside the pub quickly __________ into a fistfight.
13. I'm completely __________ as to why my brother and his wife split up. I thought they were very happy.
14. Stephen King is a very prolific author who seems to __________ new books every year.
15. If you just __________ for your exams at the last minute, you will forget what you learned really quickly.
16. Guatemala's most __________ soil is found in the highlands along the coastal plain.
17. __________ weather conditions are making it difficult for rescuers to reach a sinking ship off the coast of British Columbia.
18. The President has laughed at __________ that he has a drinking problem.
19. The doctor __________ antibiotics to stop the infection.
20. Some Olympic athletes take illegal performance-enhancing drugs in order to get __________ over their opponents.