Class 571G - Gerunds & Infinitives - May 17, 2016
(Note: One word is used in two different sentences

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My wife __________ to leave me if I don't stop gambling.
2. This airline seat-sale __________ you to book your ticket at least a month in advance.
3. She had __________ getting a good mark on her test because she thought she knew the material, so she was quite shocked when she only got 60%.
4. Geoff is __________ to attend the party. He never misses a chance to drink beer with the gang.
5. We would be __________ to attend your wedding.
6. A man __________ to be a police officer entered the home of an elderly woman and stole all her valuables.
7. The children were pretty __________ playing outside all day and went to bed earlier than usual.
8. I don't know how you think you can keep it a secret; someone is __________ to find out sooner or later.
9. She has been __________ to get into a relationship with a guy ever since her last boyfriend dumped her.
10. She's not a good skater, so she is __________ to hurt herself if she goes rollerblading without a helmet.
11. I'm really __________ all the noise; we've got to talk to our neighbour about his late night parties.
12. She is __________ to hitting children because she thinks it simply teaches them that it's okay to hit people who make you angry.
13. I __________ to recommend him for the job because although he has a good education, he has very little work experience.
14. He worked so hard; he __________ to win the award.
15. Women fleeing an abusive relationship are __________ to contact the Ministry of Human Resources for help.
16. He __________ to take the BC Transit bus to the airport rather than pay $20 for the coach.
17. I don't want to change jobs. I'm quite __________ with my present position.
18. When I was a kid, I wasn't __________ to argue with my parents.
19. I can't believe the boss __________ me to represent our company at the trade show.
20. Your grandfather will always be __________ for his sense of humour and his love of children.
21. Using a computer has __________ me to do my work much more quickly and efficiently.
22. I __________ going to the dentist. It's always a painful experience.