Class 571G - TED Talks: Body Language - Vocabulary Practice Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. If you improve your __________, you will actually look taller.
2. He's not very __________, so people really take advantage of him.
3. The thief robbed the bank using a __________ gun.
4. They are such a strong team that they __________ every game they play, and usually win by a large margin.
5. What was the __________ of your discussions with your boss?
6. I think that we can __________ from the fact that both parents are obese, that the child will also have a weight problem.
7. The __________ in your mouth is the first step in the digestive process.
8. The __________ of the latest poll are clear for the government; it cannot win the next election unless it chooses a new leader.
9. Malcolm was determined to get a job at a computer store, and his __________ finally paid off when he was hired last month.
10. He __________ his shoulders against the cold and went out into the storm.
11. Too much fat in one's diet poses a serious __________ of heart disease.
12. During puberty, sexual __________ are produced in the body, leading to the development of underarm hair, breasts on girls, etc.
13. Don't let your relationship with the woman influence your __________ about her performance of her job.
14. Jellyfish move by __________ and then contracting their bodies, which forces out water, and moves them forward.
15. I feel like an __________ when I jam with other musicians because I'm such a beginner.
16. We didn't sign any contracts, but we had a __________ agreement.
17. Every society has rules __________ who is an eligible marriage partner.
18. A major shoe company was sued for using an __________ of a Beatles' song in one of their television ads without permission.
19. Studies show that televised violence actually makes young people more __________ of aggression in other children.
20. You should __________ the title of your book - it just doesn't quite sound right.