TED Talks - Penny Millionaire Vocabulary Review Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I lost my job, but there is a __________; I hated my job anyway so now maybe I'll find a job I enjoy.
2. Every time we go fishing, we try a new kind of __________, in order to determine which kind works best.
3. The little boy __________ his sister with a chocolate bar not to tell their mother that he had lost his new watch.
4. We need some more chairs. Let's check the other rooms to see if we can __________ about 10 more chairs.
5. My daughter didn't want to use the __________ when we went camping because of the smell.
6. The dog was __________ so excitedly that its whole body was shaking.
7. I was talking to my friend when it suddenly __________; it was his birthday and I'd totally forgotten.
8. Tsar Nicholas of Russia requested __________ in England at the time of the Russian revolution, but his cousin the King of England refused, and soon afterward, Nicholas and his family were all murdered.
9. The old man is living in a __________ for homeless people downtown.
10. I felt such __________ to my parents when I became a father because I finally understood all they had done for me when I was growing up.
11. The cat caught a mouse and immediately __________ it.
12. There were __________ in a box of cereal in the cupboard this morning.