GoPro's Video Revolution - Vocabulary Review Exercise A-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The Martians have spent 5 gazillion years __________ the universe for any signs of intelligent life without success.
2. Janice is an __________ reader of mystery novels and has probably read thousands of them.
3. We got some good __________ of snowboarders on the slopes that we are going to use for our ski resort advertising.
4. The Canadian dollar closed a __________ of a percent higher today.
5. Everyone was really __________ by the fireworks at Butchart Gardens.
6. We have a huge family __________ every 5 years and relatives come from all over the world to attend it.
7. He put advertising on his cute kitten videos and when they __________, he earned a ton of money.
8. She wore a gorgeous silk wedding gown __________ with pearls and real flowers.
9. The sculpture "la Pieta" by Michelangelo is __________ in its beauty and emotional impact.
10. My little sister drives me crazy. Every time I go anywhere, she always wants to __________.
11. The street is on a real __________, and it can be tiring for old people to walk up and down the road every day.
12. My dad was an __________ who would always come up with money-making ideas, start a company, and then sell the company to start yet another new venture.
13. When the young girl was attacked in the park, her judo training automatically __________ and she was able to break free.
14. My neighbour's son wound up with a black eye and two broken teeth after __________ the school bully.