GoPro's Video Revolution - Vocabulary Review Exercise B3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. She __________ me when she suddenly jumped in front of me as I was coming out of class.
2. The president is confident this latest economic stimulus package will be sufficient to __________ the ailing auto industry.
3. We were totally __________ before the final game of the tournament and very confident we would win.
4. Capturing a great __________ requires the proper angle, good lighting, and a bit of luck.
5. Most sports have a certain __________ risk, but the benefits usually outweigh the dangers.
6. With 2 best-selling novels __________, the author is negotiating a new multi-million dollar contract with his publisher.
7. Evgeni's brother lost an arm in a farming __________ about a year ago.
8. Placing value on aesthetics in the design of their technology has helped to __________ from the competition.
9. Reporters often __________ in their reporting of news stories that may been seen as overly intrusive of people's private lives.
10. The prime minister said in his news conference that the economy appeared to be __________ for a significant improvement this year.
11. If you don't confront your husband about his drinking problem, you are actually __________ this self-destructive behaviour.
12. She __________ her boss after hearing a rumour that she was going to be fired.
13. Sprinter Ben Johnson became the most __________ athlete in Canadian sports history after losing his gold medal for using illegal performance-enhancing drugs.
14. Fans __________ for the baseball that was hit over the fence.