Class 491 - Midterm Vocabulary Party - Review Exercise #1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The fire alarm __________ because someone was smoking in the washroom.
2. The sign said, "Warning: __________ water - Do Not Dive."
3. Hey guys, it's __________. Do you want to order another jug of draft?
4. Our children love the new __________ they built near here and they go there every day.
5. One child per family is becoming the __________ in many countries.
6. We are somewhat __________ to hire Blake for the job because he doesn't have much experience.
7. You'd better make sure you do all your homework or you won't be able to __________ with the others in your class.
8. The Irish government has __________ a series of national economic programs in order to reduce inflation and government spending.
9. John has had to __________ his plans to become a doctor because he gets sick at the sight of blood.
10. My neighbour operates a small __________ centre for children aged 2-5 in her home.
11. I have three __________ to go to Vancouver; by car, by bus or by plane.
12. No, I'm not married. __________, I recently got divorced.
13. Local people working with RWF __________ water projects, including helping choose a site and maintaining wells.