Class 491G - Midterm Vocabulary Party - Review Exercise #4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. He is a trouble-maker who has been __________ of almost every bar in town.
2. He and his wife are __________ adopting a child now that they know that they can never have a baby of their own.
3. My teacher seemed pretty __________ when I told her I wasn't ready to do my presentation.
4. Let's go to school in my new car. I want to __________ to everyone.
5. Professional athletes have to learn to __________ high levels of stress.
6. Generally, one should treat __________ with massage or physiotherapy.
7. Let's __________ and grab a bite to eat.
8. You can leave now and I'll __________ with you a little later.
9. Oh my god! Look at that tiny baby. She's __________!
10. I'm __________ from arguing with my boyfriend.
11. I'm really __________. Should I split up with my girlfriend or apologize?
12. In the first __________ of our charity project, the students had to examine a number of different charities and choose one to support.
13. My host mother used to be a teacher so she often __________ with my grammar homework.