Class 493G - Midterm Vocabulary Party - Review Exercise #2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. If you continue to eat too much junk food, your health will __________.
2. The people in the village had to drink contaminated water until RWF dug a new __________ for them.
3. Education __________ people with the knowledge, strength and confidence they need to promote and protect their own rights, growth and self-sufficiency.
4. I've just put the baby down for a __________; she won't be awake for at least a couple of hours.
5. The young woman completely __________ when the boy dropped a spider on her head.
6. No one wants to work with Frank; he has kind of poor __________ so he always smells a bit sweaty and disgusting.
7. Environmental pollution seems to be an important __________ in the increase in cancers all over the world.
8. I tried swimming in the ocean at Tofino and the water was cold __________.
9. He has a good education but he __________ the experience needed for this job.
10. Don't __________ me. That's really annoying.
11. The death of a young boy in a bicycling accident, though tragic, has nonetheless helped to raise the public's __________ of the importance of wearing a helmet.
12. You must follow the __________ for essay writing to ensure your essay has the proper format.
13. My homestay mom always __________ me to speak English.