Class 493G - Midterm Vocabulary Party - Review Exercise #8

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Listen. You can __________ and stop bugging me about everything, or I can punch you in the nose. You choose!
2. When I was a young woman, handsome guys were totally my __________ but now I want a guy who is kind and funny.
3. Ruth didn't want to have sex with her boyfriend, so he accused her of being a __________, and dumped her.
4. Why did Susan break up with her boyfriend a week before their marriage? It just doesn't __________ to me.
5. My girlfriend bought an electric bicycle and I __________. It was a blast!
6. Cookies at our bake sale don't have a set price. The cost is __________ you to decide.
7. The most common symptom of a __________ is a headache.
8. It's so sad. I'm running out of money so now I have to drink __________ beer at the pub instead of my favourite imported beer.
9. We had an __________ time camping on the weekend. You really should have come with us.
10. When I have tons of homework, I __________ in my golf skills because I don't have enough time to practise.
11. It's such a __________ to be able to talk about one's problems with a friend.
12. The students __________ practising their presentations and giving each other feedback.
13. Researchers say that second language learners should __________ focus on learning the high frequency words of the language.