P4 - Classes 3C / 3D - General Classroom Vocabulary: Practice Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. There is a __________ in class that you can use to staple your papers together if needed.
2. I need a __________ to put some holes in my papers so I can put them in my binder.
3. Please __________ your homework before you leave class today.
4. She __________ this morning and missed her first class.
5. He __________ at school because he missed a week of classes while his friend was visiting from overseas.
6. Please don't talk with each other while I am __________ the test.
7. Excuse me, I want to put money in the parking meter but I only have a $5 bill. Do you have __________ for a five?
8. I'm having difficulty __________ with the other students in my guitar class because I don't have time to practice.
9. I need change for a five dollar bill. Can I have one __________, two loonies and four quarters?
10. Please don't staple your homework papers together. Just use a __________ to hold them together.
11. Whenever his boss is out of town, he really __________ at work and doesn't get anything done.
12. I need some __________ to stick this photo to my poster.
13. My alarm clock __________ at 7 a.m. every day.
14. The washing machine costs $2.00 but it doesn't accept toonies. You can use two __________ or a bunch of quarters.
15. One pint of beer in a pub in Victoria usually costs about six __________.
16. Canada has $1 and $2 __________ and the government is considering making a $5 one too.
17. After I __________ your corrected homework, I would like you to try to fix your errors.
18. With improved photocopying and printing technology, more criminals are producing fake __________, usually 50's or 100's.
19. By the end of the 3-month program, the students each had a __________ full of worksheets, notes and homework assignments.
20. Do you have a __________? I want to draw some straight lines on my paper.
21. You've missed three assignments now. You're going to have to work hard to __________.
22. A lot of kids __________ of class to watch the soccer games during the World Cup.