Class 3D - "Canada" Vocabulary Practice Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. All 17 varieties of the penguin are found below the equator, __________ in Antarctica.
2. Thousands of New Yorkers were __________ by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre.
3. My friend has __________ to help me move into my new apartment.
4. She failed her exam because she __________ and didn't do any studying for it.
5. Panda habitat in China is continuing to disappear as __________ push higher up the mountain slopes.
6. Oh, jeez. This stupid thing is empty...where can I get some __________ to put in here?
7. The moon is extremely cold and has no water or oxygen, so it is completely __________ for all known life forms.
8. Everyone left the building when the fire alarm __________.
9. He sent his girlfriend an __________ bunch of flowers on her birthday.
10. She was wearing an expensive leather coat with a collar of some kind of __________.
11. I didn't __________ of class yesterday; I really was sick!
12. In the late 1980s, huge crowds of __________ in Latvia demanded democracy and an end to Soviet rule of their country.
13. She was a __________ for about 20 years before she met an older gentleman and got re-married.
14. I got twenty bucks worth of __________ to have ready for whenever I need to do the laundry.
15. Thousands of __________ are fleeing the area where war has broken out.