Classes 3C & 3D - Phrasal Verb Practice - July 17th, 2017

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I saw a couple __________ on the bus. It was really embarrassing.
2. A couple of students __________ after class to ask the teacher some questions.
3. Let's go __________ at John's place; his parents are away for the weekend.
4. Lee drank six bottles of beer at the party and then __________. We left her there sleeping on the sofa.
5. Ken got into a fight with this guy that was __________ his girlfriend at a nightclub.
6. Your classmates needed you for your group presentation, but you really __________ by not coming to class.
7. This is a serious matter; it's not time to __________.
8. After promising his wife that he would never __________ her again, he secretly met with his ex-girlfriend.
9. I got totally drunk last night and __________ in the taxi on the way home.
10. You'd better not __________ me for the concert because I've already bought the tickets.
11. My daughter is always __________ the other children around in her kindergarten class and it's becoming a problem.
12. How did you __________ letting you use his new car?
13. She __________ her boyfriend for over 5 years before they finally got married.
14. We __________ a lot of noise from our neighbours, who have four small children.
15. Whenever my wife and I have an argument, we always try to __________ before going to bed, so that we don't go to sleep angry.
16. Sam always fights with his girlfriend, so I think they should __________.
17. You shouldn't __________. He's not perfect but he's still a good guy.
18, I was going to buy a new car but my friend __________ it. I'm going to get a second-hand one.