Clas 490G - Phrasal Verb Practice Exercise - November 7, 2017

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. You should always __________ your hat when you go into a church, temple, shrine or mosque.
2. Don't leave already! Why don't you __________ for a while longer?
3. I can't believe you told everyone my secret. You really __________.
4. She __________ when she was donating blood so she had to lay down for over an hour before they let her go.
5. I'm sorry to __________ you guys, but I have too much homework tonight so I can't come to the pub with you like I promised.
6. With plenty of rest you should be able to __________ your cold in a couple of days.
7. I love that dress you __________ last night. It really suits you!
8. Just before we were supposed to go to Disneyland, my daughter __________ the flu so we had to cancel our plans.
9. She has the flu and has been __________ everything she eats.
10. I don't recognize this street. I think we __________ the wrong bus.
11. My big sister is always __________, telling me what to do and acting like she's my mom.
12. The farmer __________ his truck and slowly drove away.
13. This sweater might be nice for you. Why don't you __________ and see how it fits?
14. The policeman ordered me to __________ my car and to take a test to see if I was drunk.
15. We had to __________ the bus before our stop because my little girl needed to go to the bathroom.
16. She __________ a lot from her boyfriend. He drinks, he smokes too much and he's always hitting on other girls.
17. She __________ her hat and coat and went out into the cold winter night.