Field trip to Goldstream - Vocabulary Review

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I'm _______________ from working in the garden all afternoon. It's really hard work!
2. The traditional Japanese garden uses _______________ to simulate the currents and waves of water.
3. The numbers of deer in this area have increased considerably because too many wolves, their only natural _______________, have been killed by local farmers.
4. The dead soldiers were quickly buried, and the _______________ were taken out by helicopter to a nearby field hospital.
5. You'd better wash that cut if you don't want it to get _______________.
6. A female salmon lays her eggs in the nest for a male to _______________ before she covers them with gravel.
7. Researchers recently found the lower _______________ bone of a Neanderthal man during an archaeological dig at this site.
8. Only 2% of salmon which _______________ actually live long enough to reproduce.
9. There is a type of bird which _______________ a total distance of about 30,000 kilometres each year, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.
10. The male fox will _______________ for life, and if the female dies, he remains single for the rest of his life.
11. Every large city in Canada has its share of _______________, such as rats and raccoons, that get into the garbage and make a mess.
12. Bongos are a _______________ of ape which look like small chimpanzees.
13. The leaves which have fallen in the garden will slowly _______________, and help to make the soil richer.
14. Many of the salmon which came back to the stream to _______________ have died because the river is now so polluted.
15. Once the salmon move into the _______________, their skin begins to come into contact with fresh water after years of living in salt water.
16. Eat a variety of foods to get all the _______________ you need.
17. The most prized caviar is made from the _______________ of the sturgeon which is found in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
18. We learned to _______________ a course on the open ocean during my sailing course.
19. Fish use the _______________ on their tail and body to change direction and to propel themselves forward.
20. When I was little, I liked to throw a tree branch in the water, and then follow it as the _______________ carried it down the stream.