Class 410 - Gerund & Infinitive Review #2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. If you ______ not too drive to fast, I'll let you try my new car.
2. Our dog ______ having a bath but we have to wash her once in a while.
3. If you don't ______ smoking, you are going to do serious damage to your health.
4. The students ______ to sell cookies to raise money for charity.
5. If you don't ______ passing your driving test, you can take it again in a few weeks.
6. I hope it doesn't ______ raining. I want to go camping.
7. I ______ losing the game too much. We played a lot better and we're improving so I know we'll start winning more games pretty soon.
8. My parents ______ to think I'm lazy just because I don't like to clean up my room.
9. My landlord has ______ to lower my rent a bit in exchange for me cutting the grass once a week.
10. The teacher ______ putting the student in a lower class because he was having trouble keeping up with the other students.
11. My girlfriend and I have ______ to get married! I hope you'll be able to come to our wedding.
12. You'd better be ______ to become a father if you don't want to use a condom because that's what's going to happen.
13. My wife ______ to let our daughter date boys until she is 16 years old.
14. I really ______ playing soccer with my old teammates, but with this new job, I just don't have time for sports.
15. My teacher ______ taking a web design course because I'm pretty good with computers and she thinks I'm a good artist as well.
16. I'm not ______ eating so much meat. In my country, we eat a lot of fish but very little beef.
17. You'll never ______ me to buy a Mac. I much prefer to use a PC.
18. He ______ to know everything about computers but actually he has very little knowledge about anything other than the basics.