490G - Gerunds & Infinitives Practice Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I _______________ you to get extra help; otherwise, you will probably fail the course.
2. The dolphin injured itself while _______________ to get out of the fisherman's net.
3. We are really _______________ seeing the new James Bond movie next week.
4. His wife _______________ to leave him if he didn't stop drinking.
5. I really _______________ talking to my boss. I know he's going to be super angry about my losing the advertising contract with Coca-Cola.
6. The young girl _______________ cheating on the test, but the teacher saw her copying another's student's answers.
7. You'd better study hard for the final test. You _______________ failing the course if you don't do well on it.
8. I've been trying to _______________ speaking to my boss about the project because I'm kind of behind schedule and I don't want him to find out.
9. He finally _______________ having an affair with his secretary when confronted with photos of them together at a restaurant.
10. Guidelines from Health Canada _______________ eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily.
11. The weather in Victoria _______________ to be pretty wet in the fall.
12. The young girl _______________ to be about 14 years old.
13. My neighbour has _______________ to look after our cat while we are away.
14. Now that you've found a new apartment, you'll have to _______________ to have your mail forwarded to the new address.