Phrasal Verbs (School) - Practice Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Everyone has to __________ their reports by next Friday.
2. The teacher asked her to __________ the worksheets to the other students.
3. The teacher __________ our corrected homework today and encouraged us to fix our errors.
4. He is always __________, teasing the women in the office and stuff like that, instead of doing his work.
5. He worked really hard for the first month of the program, but then he started to __________ and didn't do any homework.
6. I'd love to __________ on weekends, but I can't because my baby always wakes up early.
7. We will __________ the vocabulary in class before the test on Friday.
8. He __________ at school because he missed a week of classes while his friend was visiting from overseas.
9. When her alarm clock __________, she jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed.
10. Bill got __________ of the nightclub because he was really drunk and trying to cause trouble.
11. Each session there are students who __________ of our program for personal reasons.
12. The teacher gave her some extra help so she could __________ in class after being absent for a week.
13. I'm having difficulty __________ with the other students in my guitar class because I don't have time to practice.
14. Henry was surprised to bump into the school principal at the mall when he was __________ of class.