Judy's World - Vocabulary Practice for Episode 7

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Some students think they can _______________ with the teacher for a higher mark, but that doesn't work - you get the mark you earn.
2. She was so _______________ with her boss' constant criticism that she quit her job.
3. I asked my buddy to _______________ my car while I was away and the idiot crashed it into a telephone pole.
4. A recent study shows that kids who are _______________ for bad behaviour are more aggressive or anxious than those disciplined in other ways.
5. Natto, a Japanese dish made of fermented soybeans, sure _______________, but it is really good for your health.
6. The bicycle race is being held on city streets, and competitors must _______________ all traffic signs.
7. I don't like fighting with my girlfriend, but man, after we _______________, the sex is really great.
8. A recent report by the United Nations _______________ that 70% of the natural world will be destroyed over the next half century.
9. My girlfriend is never _______________ to go to parties anymore. She just wants to stay at home and watch television.
10. It never used to bother me when my boyfriend cracked his knuckles but now it _______________.