Judy's World - Online Vocabulary Practice for Episode 8

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Pauline knows I _______________ her but she just wants to be friends.
2. A new _______________ in this city requires smokers to stand at least 30 feet away from all buildings.
3. Realizing that people are living much longer than in the past, many companies are now targeting _______________ in their advertising.
4. As soon as she walked into the nightclub in her mini-skirt, all the guys started to _______________.
5. Chris is totally _______________ Japanese food and pop culture and hopes to move to Japan and marry a Japanese girl one day.
6. Our puppy grabbed my new leather purse in its mouth and wouldn't _______________ until she had totally chewed it all up.
7. She broke her leg in a car accident and had to stay in a wheelchair for three months so she _______________ about 10 pounds.
8. I felt really _______________ about an hour after eating the chicken and when I started to throw up, I knew I had food poisoning.
9. I've been working too much and I'm getting _______________, so I've decided to get a membership at a gym.
10. Avatar was an _______________ movie. The 3D effects were amazing.