Jason's World Online - Supplementary Vocabulary Exercise for Episode 2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Someone told me our teacher is _______________ a girl who used to be his student.
2. Xi really hates her _______________. He yelled at her and made her cry when she lost the key to her apartment.
3. My stupid boyfriend told me I was putting on weight so I told him to _______________.
4. Scientists say that more germs are _______________ by shaking hands than by kissing.
5. If my boyfriend ever _______________ me, I'll break both his legs.
6. The party was really loud so I could _______________ hear their conversation.
7. The party was going great but then everyone _______________ when the cops came.
8. Don’t lend him any more money. He _______________ a ton of money to all his friends.
9. I felt a little _______________ when the stranger offered me a ride home.
10. Why does Jennifer go out with a loud-mouth _______________ like Carlos? She can do much better than that.