Jason's World Online - Supplementary Vocabulary Exercise for Episode 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Whenever I feel _______________, I just go for a walk with my dog and that cheers me right up.
2. Don't buy cheap electronics. They're always super _______________ and break after a couple of weeks.
3. He thinks the _______________ to his problems is to simply get so drunk that he forgets about them.
4. He was thinking about his new girlfriend all morning so he couldn't _______________ in class.
5. He was doing really well in his class but then _______________ his final essay, got caught, and failed the course.
6. I _______________ to go to the opera last night but something came up and I was unable to make it.
7. I hate it when my mom _______________ me to work harder at school.
8. If I can get a good part-time job, I won't need to get a _______________ this year.
9. He got into _______________ gambling and some Mafia types are going to break his legs if he doesn't pay up.
10. I'm going to kill the _______________ that reminded our teacher that we're supposed to have a grammar test tomorrow.