Jason's World Online - Supplementary Vocabulary Exercise for Episode 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. In my _______________ job as a waitress, I made tons of money in tips.
2. I didn't _______________ that Bao is older than me because he looks so young.
3. I plagiarized part of my essay and the teacher caught me but luckily, he let me _______________.
4. Yao needs a bigger than average room in the student _______________ because she is in a wheelchair.
5. If you continue to drink and drive, you're going to _______________ either in jail or in an accident.
6. If things don't _______________ with your new boyfriend, just remember - I'll always love you.
7. I need to _______________ the grocery store on the way home today.
8. My baby is so big that he _______________ weighs as much as his 2-year-old sister.
9. As soon as Santa had finished delivering the Christmas presents, he _______________ back to the North Pole.
10. I ate a horrible _______________ burger at the barbeque and it made me fart all evening.