Weekly Study Guide:

Guide 3: January 13 - 20, 2019

Each week, this site will feature links to practise your English on various sites, with exercises to work on vocabulary, grammar, reading, pronunciation, listening, speaking and test preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS).

General Vocabulary

englishvocabularyexercises.com Feelings, Qualities & States 1 & 2
Ex 1 * Ex 2 * Ex 3 * Ex 4 * Ex 5
Ex 6 * Ex 7 * Ex 8 * Ex 9 * Ex 10
Picture Dictionary The Face
Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs with "be"
Explanation & exercises


Academic Vocabulary

englishvocabularyexercises.com AWL Sublist One: Group Three
Ex 3a * Ex 3b * Ex 3c * Ex 3d * Ex 3e



Difficulty Exercises
Less Difficult Guest Worker Program
read & listen
new vocabulary
vocabulary game
pick an answer
More Difficult The American Pepper
Timed reading with comprehension questions

Reading with vocabulary development exercise
Vocabulary review exercise



Level Topic
High Beginner Nice to meet you
Intermediate Sleeping problem
Low Advanced Funerals: expressing condolences


Subject Exercises
General Sounds Contrast
Practise the consonants:
ferry vs. very
Exercise 1
Exercise 2



Explanation * Exercise 1 * Exercise 2


You can practise speaking with a friend, family member, classmate, tutor or even by yourself.

Activity Topic
Important question to learn How do you spell _____?
Personal discussion topic to talk about Are you generally happy or are you often anxious?
Opinion Topic to Talk About

Should people be obliged to take parenting courses before having children?
What do you think?



Test preparation

Test Exercises
TOEFL Listening Practice
TOEIC Listening & Reading Practice
IELTS Reading - Practice Test 1: General

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